Douse is a 2D poetic experience platformer about a rain sprite that falls from the sky and must find the tallest tree in the forest to return home. Using an ability to manipulate the falling rain, he grows plants to navigate and explore through the flourishing forest he has landed in.

Douse aims to immerse and engage the player through beautiful, stylized visuals and lush, ambient sounds. Its essence is the sound and feel of rain in a gorgeous forest landscape.

Honors & Mentions
2012 DigiPen Game Awards - Winner, Best Poetic Experience
2012 DigiPen Game Awards - Winner, Best Sophomore Game
2012 DigiPen Playtest Showcase Participant - PAX Prime, Seattle, 75,000 attendees
2012 Sense of Wonder Night, Tokyo Game Show - Winner, Invited Presenter
DigiPen's article on Douse and our journey to Tokyo Sense of Wonder Night